Character inspiration?

Postby Centurion on Sun Jan 13, 2002 3:18 am

Hey Meta, where'd the inspiration for your characters come from? Are the girls someone you know in real life or are they composites of your personality mixed with others ( a common device I've seen used in countless other comics)?
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Postby Metal-Angel on Sun Jan 13, 2002 6:44 am

I was afraid someone'd ask this!<P>Lori is just meant to be the typical tomboyish character you see in all anime... the mostly humourless, 'responsible' one. The hair is stolen from whatshername on Action Man on Fox, and her baggy combats and tanktop are from one of my lecturers (remember the first ever Wendy comic, where Lucy was Wendy and Yumi's teacher? JUST like her, this woman is)<P>Laini is, well, Mihoshi, basically. I know all the hardcore 4n1m3 fiends like Ryoko (as do I) but there's something about Mihoshi I find adorable.<P>Kelyn is based quite heavily on my friend's friend of the almost-the-same name. Right down to the being an underage-sex mad chickie <IMG SRC=""> Her hair is my own creation, but her jeans are based on this girl I was in Air Cadets with where they had laces running down the side so she could make 'em extra tight!<P>Maritriny is the spitting image of my ex-girlfriend, right down to the outfits she wears. I did create the character before she was my g/f, though. <P>And the as-yet nameless smart girl (who taught us all the difference between 'glcch' and 'glrrch') is just me with plotlines swimming through my head in a lecture and spotting some random girl and thinking 'guess I'll draw her, then' and 'gosh, what a cute lil dress - with sneakers!'.<P>I think the trick to making good characters is in making them extremes - you might say it's unrealistic but maybe you just have boring friends <IMG SRC=""> the people I hang around with are all very odd, but I do love them <IMG SRC=""><P>------------------
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