New Storyline

New Storyline

Postby WildMartin on Sun Dec 08, 2002 5:29 am

The Queen of Hearts storyline is good Tangent, I eagerly await the next installment. Even as I mourn the loss of the Tangent's storyline.
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Postby Tangent on Wed Jan 01, 2003 4:32 am

Oh, Queen of Hearts is a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Even if the beginning is just hovering there waiting for me to finish schoolwork that I should have done two weeks ago or longer. *sigh* However, I will work on it and get it going again.

After that... Tangents will return. As a strip. I had thought about the illustrated storystrip idea... and it's a nice idea. I even worked out how to do it (as you have seen with Queen of Hearts here) but the characters told me they'd prefer to stay as a strip.

Things have changed, however. My cowriter and myself have broken up our partnership and he took his characters and I modified them to be more in line with my own twisted imagination. And... well, in time the Kitten Collective themselves (or part of it) will even sneak in. *smile*

The tenative date for Tangents restarting is in several months. As I said, Queen of Hearts has to be written first, and it'll give me a chance to get some more drawing done and even get a backlog and into the "groove" as it were. So I'm not missing updates and the like. Think of Tangents mk 1 as a trial run. I've seen what I've done wrong. Let's hope I can avoid some of those mistakes in the future.

Take care. Happy New Year.
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