a little ditty for you and a whole bag of encouragement!

Postby Zillford-x on Sun Feb 17, 2002 9:48 pm

just thought I'd pop in to say, YOU GUYS ROCK!

I really dig your art style and I'm already liking the jokes. keep at it, and maybe I'll send you some fan art (meaning: I'm gonna stuff your forum so full of fan art it's gonna pop, because I have nothing better to do than draw for you guys. It's not like I have my OWN comic :smile:)

and here's you guys' theme song!
ripped strait from "little shop of horrors"


Alarm goes off at seven
And you start uptown.
You put in your eight hours
For the powers that have always been.
Till it's five P.M.

Then You go

Where the folks are broke.
Where your life's a joke.
When you buy your token,
you go
Home to skid row.

Yes, you go

Where the cabs don't stop
Where the food is slop
Where the hop-heads flop
in the snow
Down on Skid Row

Uptown you cater to a million jerks.
Uptown you're messengers and
mailroom clerks
eating all your lunches at the
hot dog carts.
The bosses take your money
And they break your hearts.

Uptown you cater to a million whores.
You disinfect terrazzo on their
bathroom floors.
Your morning's tribulation,
afternoon's a curse
And five o'clock is even worse

That's when you go

Downtown Where the guys are drips.
Downtown Where they rip your slips.
Downtown Where relationships are no go.
Down on skid row Down on skid row
Down on skid row Down on skid row
Down on skid row Down on skid row
Down on skid row! Down on skid row!

Poor! All my life I've always been poor.
I keep asking God what I'm for,
and he tells me "Gee, I'm not sure
sweep that floor, kid."
Oh, I started life as an orphan,
a child of the street
Here on skid row.
He took me in, gave me shelter, a bed,
Crust of bread and a job
Treats me like dirt, calls me a slob,
Which I am. COMPANY
So I live Downtown
That's your home address.
Ya live Downtown
When your life's a mess.
Ya live Downtown
Where depressions' jes'
Status Quo.
Down on skid row

Someone show me a way to get
outa here,
'cause I constantly pray I'll get
outa here
Please, won't somebody say I'll get
outa here
Someone gimme my shot or I'll
rot here.

Downtown There's no rules for us.
Downtown 'Cause it's dangerous.
Downtown Where the rainbow's jus a no-show
Downtown Where the sun don't
Downtown Past the bottom line
Downtown Go ask any wino, he'll know

I'll do I dunno what to get outa skid
But a hell of a lot to get outa skid
People tell me there's not a way outa skid
But believe me I gotta get outa skid


hmmm... now I just gotta modify the lyrics to fit your comic... I might have 'em finished this week!

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Postby Otaku Ohki on Mon Feb 18, 2002 5:54 pm

Wow! Zill, my man, this is great!
YOu know, the wholre REASON we called this comic Skidrow is because of Little Shop of Horrors. (It had nothing to do with that stupid garage band). I'd sure love to see an adaptation of it for this comic.
And we could use more fanart!

Now its my turn, I'm going to sing the Dentist Song with Steve Martin in it. Yay for memorizing old movie song lyrics!

When I was young I was just a bad little kid,
my momma noticed funny things I did,
like shootin' puppies with a be be gun,
I'd poison guppies, an' when I was done
I'd find a pussycat and BASH his head,
that's when my momma said....
What did she say?
She said my boy I think some day
you'll find a way
to use natrual tendicies of pain;

You'll be a dentist!
You have a talent of causing things pain!
You'll be a dentist!
People will pay you to be inhumane!

You're temperment's wrong for preisthood,
and teaching would suit you still less,
so be a dentist,
you'll be a success!

Here he is folks, the leader of the plaque!
Watch him suck up that gas (oh my God!)
He is a dentist and he'll never ever be any good,
Just no one give him a -somethin- saw!
Wait that hurts!
I'm not numb!
Aw shut up, open wide,
here I come!

Cause I'm your dentist!
You are my dentist!
And I enjoy the career that I picked (loveit!),
I am your dentist,
and I get off on the pain I inflict!

I thrill when I drill a bicuspid (bicuspid),
Its swell when they tell me I'm maladjustted;
and though it may cause my patients some stress (distress),
somewhere, somewhere heaven above me,
I know, I know that my mom's proud of me....

Oh Momma!

Cause I'm a dentist,
and a success!
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Postby Bunnymanzeddy on Tue Feb 19, 2002 11:43 am

Now SPIT!!!
Yes, fan-art good ^^
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Postby Sputnik on Tue Feb 19, 2002 7:40 pm

that letter sent a chill down my spine! thanks so much for your incouragement! my life now has reason! and funny you should mention it, we mulled over the idea of having skidrow be our themesong, in mp3 mode for your downloading pleasure. however, my band is recording a cd this weekend. maybe a track or two might appear on this website.
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