Your real Ghost Stories.

Your real Ghost Stories.

Postby SolidusRaccoon on Tue Oct 31, 2006 10:37 am

Well back in college when I lived in a run down house rented out by a batty old woman I had plenty of ghost experiences. It’s true. But I learned how to handle them.

Like after I realized my place was spooked I told that ghost he would pay rent, or he would work to earn his keep. It took a while to get through to him, and once I did every day I would come back to find the place cleaned up and a fresh sandwich on the counter, on a plate. Don’t want crumbs everywhere. The moans and groans could get annoying after awhile, but I told him that if he didn’t shut up I would give him something to moan about.

Then I found out I had another ghost, a lady ghost. She didn’t stay around long, in fact she left after I found her. All I did was try to put the moves on her to get a little snuggly action. She left screaming like a banshee, out the door and down the street.

Then came the worst of all, I was just sitting there minding my business on Oct 31st, when someone knocked at the door, it was………CHILDRREN!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Your real Ghost Stories.

Postby Earl McClaw on Tue Oct 31, 2006 6:27 pm

SolidusRaccoon wrote:Then came the worst of all, I was just sitting there minding my business on Oct 31st, when someone knocked at the door, it was… CHILDRREN!!!!!!!!!

Which in the old RPG the Fantasy Trip (kind of a precursor of GURPS), "children" were listed under the heading of Nuisance Creatures.

I don't have a ghost story. Unless perchance a recently deceased hard drive suddently begins granting access to the files I'd stored on it...
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Postby The JAM on Tue Oct 31, 2006 7:51 pm

Officially, yes, but that was from the time my parents were involved in witchcraft before we came to know Yeshua. It's more sad and tragic than scary.
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Postby Jaydub on Wed Nov 01, 2006 3:26 pm

Sorry no ghost stories here. I do have one store that still is very clear in my mind of the sighting of a UFO in the Spokane valley when I was 7 years old. My brother went out to get the paper early the morning and came back in screaming that there was a flying saucer. So my mom and my three sisters and I went outside and sure enough there was a saucer shaped object to the east of us hovering over the aluminum plant by the Spokane river. It then flew West and flew over a little north of our house at what seemed like less than 1000 ft of elevation. It was rotating and had a light that blinking on it every so often. My impression that it was a light that was recessed in a hallow that would only show when it rotated to face you. After passing our house, it stated to climb at about a 45 degree angle and disappeared in a little over 1 minute in a clear blue sky. Now I would ask you to stop and think about this. Have you ever watch a jet at high altitude fly across the sky? It takes a long time for that jet to fly out of sight, right? This saucer did it in minute or maybe a minute and a half climbing at a 45 degree angle leaving no trail like a jet would. The strangest thing was when the saucer flew over it made no sound at all. Now to reveal my age this happened on Jan. 1, 1958! We had nothing flying at that time that even remotely could fly that that. Our Neighbor called the police and they did not believe him. Being New Years Day they just thought he had partied to hard the night before. Everyone in my family except for my dad saw the UFO that morning and we know what we saw was real and not swamp gas or a weather balloon.
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Postby UncleMonty on Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:07 pm

No ghost stories here.
The only time I even strayed into the possibility of anything supernatural was a brief incident on Mt. Si near North Bend, WA., and in that case it didn't feel like any mere "ghost".
Unless one includes "The Holy Ghost". Yeah, one of those moments.

All I can say is, though it was night time, it felt as though I was being guided through an illuminated forest by a loving and protective invisible entity. I felt calm and safe, and I didn't take a single wrong turn, all the way back to my truck.

The whole thing could easily be explained away as a result of fatigue and circumstance.
I'm still not entirely sure of all that happened, myself.

But it makes a nice memory.
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Postby Omicron1 on Wed Nov 08, 2006 7:55 pm

>Jaydub: Was it a Marie Callendar's saucer or a Bluebird Bakery one?

We as Christians know that there is such a thing as the supernatural. Think about it.
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