Uh-oh, What's this?

Postby Junius on Wed Apr 17, 2002 4:43 am

Yes, what's this, indeed?

The Forum seems to be back up.


Always up on the gossip tip, I'm going to pose a question - nay, TWO questions - and pray that the forum stays up long enough to get responses.

Here goes:
Question 1 - Which do you think will happen?
a. Violet and Richard
b. Violet and Percy
c. Violet and Moe
d. Violet is too independant
e. Violet and some minor character.
--And why?--

Question 2 - Despite what happens in the end, how many of the following characters are likely to put the moves on Violet?
Richard, Percy, Moe, GSM, Any number of Fubarian "employees", The Bearded Brothers, other: perhaps that mysterious missile girl??

Yeah, have fun with this one.

Rock on, Rock out!
~ J
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Postby UncleTrombone on Wed Apr 17, 2002 5:22 am

I love my forum rats
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Postby Psyca on Fri Apr 19, 2002 5:03 pm


Why: 'Cuz I think Richard is the only one that actually HAS a chance with Violet! Percy is too afraid of everything... Moe is mostly concerned with Behind the Music...

*adds another choice: f. ME and Percy* ^^;; Mrr... love that boy.
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