Spring Break

Postby Junius on Fri Mar 08, 2002 6:08 am

Well, I for one am okay with no comics over break, as long as that funny joke about "ball pits of despair" stays up longer...

Hee Hee... "space monkey"s in Fubaria... who woulda thought?

Everyone have a wonderful break. I know that the Ithaca weather of today is going to make it real easy not to concentrate on those last classes. HAVE FUN!

Rock on, Rock out.
~ J
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Postby Psyca on Fri Mar 08, 2002 5:26 pm

Concentrate... in class? What a concept. *grin*

Well, I wasn't concentrating in fourth block... I was sleeping. ^^;;

I need a break... but, since I'm in high school, we don't get a spring break. x.x
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