Greetings from the Napping Cats Dream!

Greetings from the Napping Cats Dream!

Postby Ishtar: Goddess of Love on Tue Jun 04, 2002 5:03 pm

Greetings from Ishtar: Elder Goddess of Love, Fertility and War of the alternate Earth called Furth. Though I now reside in The Napping Cats Dream with my Husband Gilgamesh: Karmatic Demi-Lord of Gray Neutrality and our Son Gal'ish: Avatar of Neutrality and Love. I love explore other realities now and then and in doing so, I discovered this quaint alternate Earth of yours.

So I'm dropping in to say Hi! :D

And I have some questions.

1. You are using the Babylonian versions of Ishtar? Not Sumerian? I was curious and my Grandfather Marduk: King of the Elder Gods was as well. Oh and he says Hi too.

((OOC: My furry gods versions of history on Furth runs a bit differant from the Earth legends, so don't let me mix you up ok :) ))

2. Since it seems to be the Baylonian versions will Marduk show up?

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With regard to yet-to-be-seen entities...

Postby Armament Armed Arm on Sat Jun 08, 2002 11:40 am

Considering Ishtar's presence, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before her opposite number Ereshkigal shows up. Otherwise, I'm only positive of two entities--Ki in his new form, and Lamashtu (Krista strongly implied that she'd appear with a strongly unusual take on her nature...).

Gilgamesh, your husband...? Um, what happened to Tammuz? {sigh} Nonetheless, what is it with all your husbands greeting all manner of nasty crises? Forced to battle Humbaba (if Gilgamesh ever WAS your husband in the first place), imprisoned for half the year by Ereshkigal and the Anunnaki, shifted into frogs or lizards...SOMETHING'S not right here...
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