Reasons to be grateful

Postby Misha on Mon Mar 25, 2002 11:47 am

I was really happy to learn that one of *my* favorite webcomics 'Fairview High' has recently gone from once a week to twice a week. The art for this comic is an absolutely amazing black and white. When it's line drawings it's sleek and purdy, and when it's shaded it's absolutely amazing. The story and the characters are a lot of fun and it's just generally a cool title which I am really looking forward to seeing more of.

Also, Bloodlark' which I discovered pretty recently has begun updating again after about a month off. This is good for many reasons, but in particular it means that the linkme! page got fixed and I was able to get a real banner for them. Of course, this means that I'll probably have to redo the links page again. ^^; If it's not one thing ...

Stuff like this is enough to make you want to put up a weekly 'webcomic spotlight.' I was determined not to do it, but it may become unavoidable if cool stuff like this keeps happening.
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