Magners Cider embargo

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Magners Cider embargo

Post by J-Dawg »

Just an inquiry post for you all. It seems that over the summer while I was gone, all hell has broken loose in the Isle of Green. There seems to be a major shortage of my beloved Magners cider in the 'States. Do any of you know where I can score some? Green Bay used to have it (backordered), Waukesha used to have it (backordered for four months), House of Guinness used to have it on tap(the barkeep there says it won't be available in the states anymore). I'm currently ordering it out of Chicago and paying through the ass for shipping. Free books to anyone who gives me any info leading to a steady supply of Magners for me! I'm currently slumming it on Strongbow and Hornsby's. Please help.

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Post by MNsane »

i went and searched for alternate sources of Magner's, but sadly, i had NO luck

*however i found a source for Bushmill's in 1.75 ltr jugs*
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