In memory of Tonja Steele

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In memory of Tonja Steele

Post by KS_Claw »

It's my first time posting on this forum, and this is despite how I've liked the Tonja Steele comic, at least until fairly recently.

Hating to be a complete wet blanket, I'll start out with some of the positive things.

I love the humor in Tonja Steele. I love the old storylines, I love the jokes and I love how there is a Don Rosa quality to the strips, meaning that you can go through the archives again and again, and still somehow catch a tiny detail that you have missed before.

Sadly, the (relatively) newer strips just don't seem to have that quality to them, especially when it comes to characters that, quite honestly, have been changed in several ways. I'm sure some people don't mind, but they just... irk me.

Lisa I can get, we all knew she had some kind mysterious past that was bound to catch up with her sooner or later. Hell, it was one of the reasons I stuck around, and while the revelation made me raise an eyebrow, I felt it added a nice flavor.

And then it turned out that Darron, our blond bartender, who started out in this strip with a frikkin' mullet and trying and failing to get a date from Tonja, turned out to be some kind of super genius, who sold inventions now and then to the military? That just doesn't hold up. It was like someone had just told me, that my childhood hero had been doing crack and was found in a dirty motelroom with a dead whore and crashed out in a puddle of his own bodily fluids.

And Damien. Dear god, whatever happened to you!? How did you turn into a boxer hooked on steroids!? I liked you so much better when you were Darrons height and practically romanced Julie before even going to the corner store for groceries.

I'm not going to start up a protest rally that demands back the old character designs. But I will say that I miss them dearly, and the only reason I come back every once in a while, is so that I can read through the archives and remember my own version of "the good old days".

There's my two-cents for ya, whether you like 'em or not.

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Re: In memory of Tonja Steele

Post by Joshnickerson »

The comic was best when it actually centered around Tonja and Mindy, and when they messed around with the other members of the cast.

But the comic hasn't seen Tonja or Mindy in a very long time; instead, it seems to be focusing on this rather forced "mysterious past" story of Darron and Liza, the kind of plot that the comic would have taken great glee of making fun several years ago. I like to read Tonja Steele for the wacky and borderline offensive humor, not for 'drama' or 'character development'.

Of course, I'm sad to say I gave up on the comic quite some time ago, when it stopped updating. I don't blame Joey for that, because I know that real life comes first, especially when you're basically doing this sorta thing as a hobby. I do try and check back every now and then, though it's been less and less often as of late...

Joey... BJ... I hope you both are doing well, and I really look forward to seeing new stuff from you both soon.

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Re: In memory of Tonja Steele

Post by johnsonkid »

i was come to this forum first time .. see your post ..that is i have remenber something when i was young in a street ...thanks ..

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