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A hyper hyper Ed here, happy-appy-appy that exams is done! It's about midnight, and I just finished watching Blade, and DAMN am I hyper! LOL!<P>What's happened this week? Well, I got knocked around sledding on Friday,but had an AWESOME time, I was cooped up in my house all weekend studying, which drove me insane. I went in an wrote 2 LONNNNNGGG exams on Monday, than went off and sledded some more, severely bruising my shins off a jump I didn't exactly intend to go over. Then Tuesday...I don't remember. I think I watched some movies. I studied most of Wednesday, then today(Thursday) I went to a friend's house, went to the movies in New Glasgow, and came home and rented Blade and watched that. That about sums it up, lol! More to come, and a NEW COMIC SOON! WOOOO!
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