What is the Deal

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What is the Deal

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What has happend to all the beautiful comics?
Hmmm, I got the money if you got the time
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Well, my scanner is no good, and until I can get a new computer it's gonna stay that way.

And to be honest, all the little sprite thingies just weren't very much fun. I may get a stick figure-y thing going in the near future, I don't know.

Just know that I haven't abandoned KtP, nor do I intend to. Things are just a little wonky right now.
-Thanks, Harry!

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well its been over a year and 2 months and there is still a lack of Pan, something i really hoped wouldve been solved by now. Can you see any KTP in the near future? should we give up for the time being or set up popcorn?

maybe if you don't have time to do any KTP then you should try to get someone else to do it for the time being instead of being on hiatus. I for one would rather have guest comics or anything rather than nothing. anything to show that you still know and care that this site is here. I loved KTP when it was there and am really sorry that it doesnt update anymore. I would do it myself but i know that i wouldnt be able to uphold a schedule and am not that good an artist myself. maybe even 10 second stick figures would do if its all you can do.

ps: i agree with the sprite thingies. i didnt think they came up to the normal level up ktp goodness.