Let's get things Straight.

Postby Terra on Sun Mar 10, 2002 8:15 pm

The odder Name Pronounciations:
Fiona = Fee-oh-nah
Leia = Lay-ah
Leah = Lee-ah
Avearaethoen = Ah-vay-ah-ray-thohn

I've also started to use "cool" backgrounds. Obviously they are not products of my work (You've seen those, they suck, don't they?) They come from various other sources and were found in my old archives (I have thousands of pics on my computer) The scenes are new places (so much easier than rearangin my props.) and the old scenes will return when we return to old places.

I just felt like saying that... thank you. Comment to your heart's content.
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Postby ChristianC on Thu Mar 14, 2002 10:53 am

Yaay, New imageniss!!! ^-^

*comments away*
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