A question of random plot switches.

What to do with nonplot stories in the comic itself?

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Short storylines (1 week)
Medium storylines (2-3 weeks)
Extended storylines (1 month)
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A question of random plot switches.

Postby Woapalanne on Wed Apr 21, 2004 9:58 pm

So, the question:

Would you all be averse to the random storyline taking place in Tandela, Sheol, or Qadnil, or even yet-unmentioned worlds, having no effect on the current plot and involving none of the current characters? I have a few ideas for some of these stories, but I'd rather not send people crying in the streets over a sudden break in the story if that's what they really want; I can always write up the otherworldly stories and post them here or something.

So, vote!
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