Random minispoilers.

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Random minispoilers.

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Two characters are ... second cousins? Grandfathers were brothers. One of those grandfathers happens to be Draccon.

One character is actually an alien.

Agent Omega has appeared in the comic a few times.

Mandrake is more of a 'good guy' than the other Sha-tith. Surprise!

Bob is a Cheshire. The chemistry explosion massively infused him with Looking Glass. That's why he's so smart.

There are three other major relics of eternity - cloak, sword, and crown. Each, including the amulet, messes with people's heads in different ways.

Steve's brother, Jake, is a Sha-maish vampire - Vescot got him, and Erik knows - he helped.

A future character (hah) is Luke's half-sibling. No family love, though.

Bob's uncle, whose cabin he was living in, is <a href="http://tcow.keenspace.com">Mark and Liz'</a> great-great-grandfather. Maybe another great in there...

One character is a Jabberwocky, but hasn't had physical mutations yet.

No, Pi would never get his fingers back.

In the CD 'Eli vs Ed' storyline, we find out that Ed almost blew up Eli's house when they were in high school. Eli chopped off Ed's hand, Ed destroyed Eli's eyes. Then Eli's mother almost killed him, so they didn't see each other again until college. That's also why no one really noticed that Eli's eyes were a little red.

Dr McCain graduted from Miskatonic University.

Winger, having been ditched by Helexia, wandered off southwest in search of the Crown of Eternity, which had been accidentally left on that tay. It was supposed to be locked up far, far away.

The Sha-tith built Stonehenge while playing a game. Coincidentally, this game also resulted in the extinction of the unicorn. Bookkeeper was not amused. He liked unicorns.

Helexia's love that she's seeking is none other than Mandrake, who finds her to be an annoying pest. She recognized Luke's mutation in Eli.

RDG dies a lot more.

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Don't feel too bad, Ed. I'm sure you thought Eli was going to die. Its alright, I forgive you.

I swear, if Eli and Ed were related, I will teach you a lesson.

Eli is totally an alien. But not one of the cool ones. He is one of those ones who we on earth like to call "Idiotic freakish creatures."

I bet its Ed. He is the cool Jabberwocky. The ying to the ugly yang of Eli.

Damn you Eli's Mom! You give birth to this creature of evil, and then you fail to kill him. Now it is up to the Great Master of All, Ed Paradox, to purge the world of evil!

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If I recall, yin is the principle linked to -evil-, not to mention feminine (no, I'm not going to sidetrack into what that could possibly mean.)