Bishie or real chick? Will Mory find out the easy way?

Postby ZOMBIE USER 5255 on Thu Nov 21, 2002 9:02 pm

Ye gods, I hate it when that happens... Someone once got VERY pissed at me because I called their son a 'she' when they ran off with one of my calendars. >< Stupid kids...

And you guys thought I would tell you of Raiden's gender? XD Ha! I'm not half-way done milking that joke! Add yet another thing to the pointless mysteries of Mory!
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Postby thelizardgirl on Fri Nov 22, 2002 8:13 am

i used to have really short hair, and people were always calling me "sir." despite my very obvious boobs. bleah.
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Postby Zeth on Sat Nov 23, 2002 5:32 pm

I had the same problem at work a few days ago, I was helping this lady and I said, good afternoon sir to her thinking she was a guy. Wow I have never seen someone go so red and I have also never heard again someone telling me so quietly she was female. It was hilarious to look back. I must have real embarassed ehr in the busy store :oops: . HAHAHA

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Postby ZOMBIE USER 5255 on Sat Nov 23, 2002 11:05 pm

Somehow, I've never been mistaken for a man.. I'm guessing it's the waist-length hair that keys them off. ^^;;; And trust me, there's nothing more embarrassing than mistaking sex... I usually do it with children. The parents get peeved. ^^;;; Not MY fault they put their bald 4 month old son in pink...
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Postby Flurf on Tue Nov 26, 2002 7:53 am

i still think mory did the right thing. when there's ambiguity, just point it out and get clarification... because now she knows and nobody else does! bwa ha ha! ^_^
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