Regarding the Mory Store

Regarding the Mory Store

Postby ZOMBIE USER 5255 on Tue Oct 29, 2002 9:55 pm

Hey everyone,

If you go to the Mory store, not only will you find the bucket hat missing, but you'll find the price of everything has gone up $2. Let me explain why I have done this. (and sadly, the bucket hat is no longer available.)

I recieved an e-mail from Cafepress saying that unless your store makes $25 in commissions within a certain time frame, they reserve the right to delete your store. I have sold to date two Mory shirts. I earned $3.02, total, on the two, because I had the prices lowered so much. I'm really sorry, I know they're not that great, but when I do sell things, I'd like to see some of the money.

Also, there will be a lot more Mory products coming soon. I'm still working on a poster.... But I already have sticker production ideas. Not to mention for the holidays, Cafepress has decided to make tree ornaments... And Eto has a morbid OBSESSION with tree ornaments. So look for a Mory/Randy and Mick ornament soon...

Again, I apologize for the price hike. Blame rates. -_-
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