Postby AnimeCanuck on Wed Oct 09, 2002 9:38 am

WHERE is the concluding strip!?


Ghislain, you got my hopes up on ICQ! Where is it!?

I ran into the library right now, to come check this out in the last 5 minutes of my spare... and ... Bryan's strip is staring me in the face!!!!!!


You're killing me!!!!!!

It better be up by the time I get home from school! (5:30)

Right now it's 1:38... My next class starts in 7 minutes.

I just came from the U of Toronto presentation that was during my spare, or I would have been here, agast, earlier!



The fate of the COUCH lies in your pencils and fingertips!!!!!!


(also, I'm sorry that mine was late)
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Postby Ghislain_WildCat on Wed Oct 09, 2002 1:24 pm

Eeehhh.... Sorry! ^w^;;;
You know, making a colored comic twice as long as usual takes a lot of time! And I only took one additional day... so it's kinda normal that it's late! And I think that the first page of cFW might be a little late too... I hope you can understand! ^w^;;;
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Sides... ACHING!!!!!

Postby AnimeCanuck on Wed Oct 09, 2002 3:13 pm

Sides... aching! Can't stop shaking! Heart pounding...

Eternally... laughing!!!!


*wincing in pain and doubling over*


YOU'RE REALLY KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a wonderful ending to a wonderful comic!!!!!!!

*cries & dies*

OH LORD!!!!!! Is it funny!!!!!!!!!!!

And Jerry too!!!!!! *cries some more*

And... And! EVERYTHING!!!!!!


I didn't expect for it to turn out like this!!! You even told me about it sorta... but... OH MAN!!!!!!!!!

JACK!!!!! JACK'S the cameraman!!!
JACK'S BABY!!!!!!! NOT HUMAN!!!!!......

*cries to death*

*is resurrected twice*


Oh my goodness, that's so frickin' hilarious! I'll be laughing for at LEAST a week!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*keeps wincing&crying&dying&being brought back again*

OH GHISLAIN!!!!!....

You are truly insane.


It's wonderful!!

(Not that your final strip wasn't totally amazing too, Bryan.... but I think he might have out-shone your funniness. Oh well, at least you out-shone mine, right? ^^;)
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 2125 on Thu Oct 10, 2002 2:20 am

That was great..A real Jerry ending I must say Ghis. I was actually quite touched when Brandon had to leave. That's kind of sad! I didn't know that there would be such a bitter sweet note to the end of this comic. But very very creative. And cute baby I must add (AGOO!). Absolutely darling.

Well, I dare you guys to read through the whole archives and try to make sense of the whole story. We did pretty well for our first time, but I suppose next time is going to be even better, as we have many things we could improve upon, especially a more consistent story where facts don't get too garbled along the way. . And all of us had to leave some time or another , wreaking complete havoc on the drawing schedule (I think we had at least two major train wrecks). But for something that could become completely ruined , we saved ourselves from any really bad trouble, which is good.

I'm not sure what you guys have planned for the next collaboration. In fact, I'm not sure whether I'll be able to participate this next time, just because Long Northern Summer Days is really going to demand a lot out of my schedule. But I hope that with Koio on board that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Couches of Love was just about the right size, even given all the absences we suffered, the story went quite far and so that was okay. Maybe a 3 a week thing again, except Koio would be taking my place. I'm sure that would be fun; Koio has lots of creative ideas and would be really great for this sort of thing.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. It's nice to see COL finished with a bang, and Ghislain deserves all the credit for wrapping this thing up nicely.

Now, if you excuse me, I'd like to wish CHRISTINE a wicked 18TH BIRTHDAY! WOO HOO, as it were. Go and celebrate.

Later folks
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Postby AnimeCanuck on Thu Oct 10, 2002 8:43 am

I'm not ACTUALLY 18 until 1:50pm EST, but THANKS A BUNCH, GUYS!!!!!!!!!

And Bryan... about my Keenime appearance.. um... Just skip me, or give the person that's up now an extra week. Yeah.

I don't want people coming to Thermalyte when nothing's there, if you know what I mean. I WAS going to make a cute cFW Keenime button and tell you to link that to Nafta instead, but..... I was busy. ~_~ =(*sigh*)

Sorry Ghislain!
I thought I'd surprise you with that... but I couldn't find time to work on it, with play rehearsals and my Tuesday evening Media/Animation class to worry about.

But I'll make it up for you when my CD Burner's fixed. ^^

You'll see! ^^

Once again, THANKS A BUNCH!!!


OH! And about the "Next Collaboration" I had two ideas:

1) Couches of Love: Season 2

Y'know, some new characters, some old characters... A year has passed kinda deal. OR, more like "Saved By the Bell: The New Class" in which there would be ALL NEW characters ('cept maybe 1) and totally different everything, but it would still be the same kind of "show". It would still be a parody-soap-opera comimprov.

Idea 2) We write up little story things (like scripts I guess) for each other to draw. So, I'd write maybe a 5-10 page comic for Ghislain, and Ghislain writes a 5-10 page comic for Bryan, Bryan for Koio, and Koio for me. Or we could all write 2 or one for everybody or whatever (making the number of pages fit our time slots and the amount of time we have to work on them). Something like that. So they'd all be little mini-comics.

Do you know what I mean?
Anyways, that was just an idea flopping around in my head.


-Christine the AC
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 2125 on Thu Oct 10, 2002 12:51 pm

The idea about one person writing for a story is a really neat idea, and I think we'll have a much easier time, simply because we can work concurrently and not suffer too much dependency issues, which has caused us to serialize the production by each page of COL (ha ha, my Comp Sci education has finally shone it's use!!). WHat I mean is, we can all draw at the same time , and given that we give ourselves plenty of time to plan for it (like start drawing at the beginning of the year so they're all done by the summer), things should run extremely smoothly.

Anyway, I go for that idea just because it is new and it will create much less headache, and I may actually be able to participate in it.

One of us should send a mass email to all 2003 NAFTA members (us 4), and if everyone likes the idea, we can start as early as now. .. screw it, I will.

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Postby Satchel on Thu Oct 31, 2002 1:39 pm

You must not mean
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Postby AnimeCanuck on Wed Nov 06, 2002 9:44 am

Um... No, we do not mean that. By N.A.F.T.A. we mean the North American Free Toon Agreement, (which is also dubbed Yankuckcanee).

Sorry for the... confusion?

.... *raises an eyebrow*
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