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Postby Joe_Ubergamer on Wed Dec 05, 2001 9:18 am

Hey, if there was a Labgoats message board I'd put it there, but since there isn't I'm putting it here.<P>My theory on the DC's failure isn't lack of advertising (I still remember the Dreamcast "It's thinking" ads and the brillant JGR commericial). I think it's something I call Segaphobia. Mainstream gamers fear Sega, they think they are all destined to fail. Nuff Said.<P>By the by, if you are into the whole RPG thing, I can't recomind Skies of Arcadia enough.
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Postby Labgoat on Wed Dec 05, 2001 12:44 pm

Yeah, I remember the DC commercials at the beginning of the console, and a few good game commercials, but they didn't have a lot after that, as I can remember. And you're right, people were afraid of Sega products, because the last few consoles just didn't satisfy, even though they were sweet systems. It's all about the games, I suppose. And, SoA is a super-cool game, I just haven't picked it up yet. Oh, and we do have a message board, it's under the heading "Group Meeting". This raises a good point, I need to rename those to be easier for navigation, thanks for mentioning it! Take care, and thanks for the view. <IMG SRC="">
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