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PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2002 10:19 am
by Helana
He kind of twitches... like a nervous tick or something. And was that mouth supposed to stay there the whole time, or is that just my computer being on crack? That was weird too. Does this count as a sexy new forum topic? Probably not. I have a new girlfriend. Does that help? Sexy new forum topic! Yesss! Her name is Kim, she's an anthropology major, and she's really really hot. I've had a crush on her for awhile, but never said anything because I'm a dork. But we've been dating for about 2 weeks now. It's good. Just thought I'd share with everyone.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2002 12:37 pm
Well I'd say fireball was a success then.

In a related note: SCORE! A Helana-Based topic! It should get lots of people to post! Unless Kane kills it.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2002 3:36 pm
by Glick Glidewell
(as Scruffie)

But aren't you a girl? YEE HAW! Where's me sheep!


I just killed it, didn't I?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2002 4:46 pm

Quick, Helana! Talk about your tattoos or hair color!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2002 6:01 pm
by PhantomDMR
I refuse to let Kane kill this thread!! Fireball was a little amusing, is he supposed to be the fuzzballs replacement as the being that will help them control the populous, and if so will he fall in fuzzballs footsteps. On the Helana note, congrats on the girlfriend, what does she look like?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2002 9:41 pm
by Helana
She's taller than I am... I'm only 5'3, so I don't really have much to go on. I'm guessing 5'8 or so, but I could be wrong. She has blue eyes, and a really cute mouth, the kind that ALWAYS smiles. Her hair is short, but not butchy short, cute short. She gels it or something so it's messy looking, but really sexy. She's skinny and her pants are too big and fall down a little so you can see her crack sometimes, which really embarrasses her. We started calling her 'Cracky' because of it! She blushes so hard every time anyone calls her that. She plays drums and looks really hot when she's playing. I don't know what it is about drummers, but damn! They're hot!
Oh, so my hair is washing out and growing out, so my roots are kinda brown, a lot of it's blond, but some of it is pink-red. It's pretty funny looking, but I like it. One girl I know thought I did it on purpose.
Hopefully that'll save this topic. If not, I can tell you about the new piercing I want.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2002 10:02 pm
Drummers are by far the dumbest and most annoying people ever. Are you challenging that well known fact?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2002 4:10 am
by Helana
Yes, yes I am. Kim is one of the smartest people I know. She's in the honors program, she has all As, and she's an anthropology major. How many stupid people would go into anthropology? I think that the stupid drummer thing may only apply to male drummers.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2002 3:17 pm
by Glick Glidewell
When your instrument is a big thing you hit with a stick, you can only be so smart! :wink:

So what's the piercing you want?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2002 11:17 pm
by Helana
It's a curved bar that looks like a question mark, I guess a backwards one. it would go in my ear (I really don't know of anywhere else a person would put it, and I don't really want to know). There would be 3 piercings, all through the cartilege (or however you spell that. It's too damn early). The top of it would go towards the inside of the top of my ear, curve around and go through the top, but a little farther outsed, then curve in and down to go through that really thick part of the cartilage at the bottom. It'll probably hurt pretty bad, but I'm not worried about that. I'm just waiting for the money to do it. It'll be $40 and that's about how much I have in my account. So I have to wait a little while.
And I'd just like to say that it takes a little more than hitting a big thing with sticks to be a drummer. It takes tons of practice and coordination. They use both hands and a foot and 4 or more different drums/cymbals.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2002 8:39 pm
On 2002-03-26 23:17, helana wrote:
And I'd just like to say that it takes a little more than hitting a big thing with sticks to be a drummer.

I couldn't agree more. But drumming tends to attract the sort of people who think like:
"I want to be a musician. Damn, guess I have no talent. I know! I'll be a drummer - they just have to bang on shit!"

I've had to deal with many drummers who can't even find beat one, much less 2, 3, or 4. Sorry.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2002 9:54 pm
by Helana
Don't worry, I forgive you. I've had to deal with them too. I've only met 2 that aren't like that. And both of them are chicks. But only 1 is a lesbian.
So I am about the worst driver in the whole world. I don't really know where ya'll are from, but I'm from North Carolina. It took me 6 hours to get from Greenville to Chapel Hill. It should take 2. Before I even got out of Greenville I got in a wreck. Then had to wait for the police and blah blah blah. Then I have to wander around looking the right gas station (BP or Amoco, my dad pays for the card). That took awhile. Then I got very very lost in Raleigh. And I still have 4 hours to drive in the morning. So, goodnight.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2002 9:00 am
by Scruffie
Glick Glidewell wrote:(as Scruffie)

But aren't you a girl? YEE HAW! Where's me sheep!

Scottish people don't say YEE HAW! so much as ACH!

Ach, yea dinnae ken whit yer talkin' aboot! If brains wer boab yeh winnae have enoof tae buy a haepenny sweet!

Hows THAT for scottish?


That's enough of that...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2002 11:14 am
by Glick Glidewell
I think I speak for everyone hear when I say that lesbians and even drummers are a lot more interesting than your crappy country. :-?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2002 2:34 pm
by PhantomDMR
I don't know, scotland is kind of interesting, but I do miss Helena's stories....she has to come back!


PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2002 7:16 pm
by Glick Glidewell
Helana is working at a girl scout camp in a remote area, and apparently would have to walk up a big hill to use the computer, so she doesn't.

Don't know why she doesn't post on weekends though.

Sadly, like Mr. T and Jar Jar Binks, she's probably just too cool for us.
:cry: ;)


PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 8:49 pm
by Glick Glidewell
uh, that wasn't a joke, incidentally.

That's really what she said.

Just thought I should make that clear.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2002 8:33 pm
by Glick Glidewell
Oh c'mon!

You saved this topic from me once, you can do it again!

Oh, and check out ALL NEW Helanishness at <a href="">MY FORUM!</a>.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2002 7:13 am
by Scruffie
Whoa! Almost missed that one!


Couldn't let that go un-said.....