Postby Armodi on Sat Feb 02, 2002 7:16 am

*Stops lurking and steps out of the shadows.. tripping over some inane object that happens to put itself in his path as he tumbles to the ground with a rather loud and annoying *THUD* of sorts* <P>Ah! um.. Hello there folks! Just thought id actually post something ^^ ive been looking at the comic for at least a month or so but never actually brought myself to post anything here and I finally decided to do so.. and well I suppose going any further would be horribly redundant as theres nothing much else to explain about this ^^. <P>Though before I finally vanish for a little I do want to congratulate ya on a nifty comic, and ill be visiting for a while. Keep up the great work! The Fate of the universe and insane folk everywhere depends on your artistic mastery and a sense of humor that could cause a politician to explode!.(Thats a good thing, I think...) <P>
Well anyways i suppose thats all to say for now, I hope i didn't annoy bother you all with my rather semi-ramblish/annoying post ^^. *Waves and such*
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Postby Okk on Sun Feb 03, 2002 12:14 pm

I love you!
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