Deliver the dis

Postby Ryouri Kenkaku on Sat Oct 13, 2001 7:34 am

Come on people, you know what to do<P>I am going to burn your crotch. <P>In the Bible it says that you have crabs.<P>In my house everyone would deliver a non stop beating to a horse pecker like yourself. <P>In the interest of a pregnant handjob, let me say that a sweat drenched boring blister like you should join the circus. <P>------------------
I'm way more important than you
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Postby Splat Ooblie on Sat Oct 13, 2001 8:15 am

First things first, you are retarded.
I need you. (first one I got when I loaded it)
What's with that dadgum hemorrhoid?
Heavens to betsy, you really are a dick head.
It's not easy trying to love you.
You've been gaining a lot of enemies.
Who's laughing now you mauled dickwad?
You're a hamster taster.
Here's an idea, you are a fart.
Ram a finger in your ass.
Your cock rammed best friend is cock rammed. (LMAO)
Don't walk away from me while I'm talking to you.
Shhhh, someone might realize that you are a sphincter.
Someone ought to electrocute your scrotum.
Very nearly all of your life will be spent vacuuming.
(and last but not least) I am going to burn your poop. <P>------------------
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