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Postby Flee on Mon Feb 11, 2002 11:41 am

It's 6:30pm in the office and I'm supposed to be taking off to go to a Tea Party gig, but I just came across a revelationary discovery that me and some guys fell into face-first!! It had to be posted, but if the title of the post didn't give away the punch, the details will have the same "approching light at the end of the tunnel" type of head-fuk on you as it did on us!!! <P>So, to get to the point and avoid intimacies and infatuations with specialised nouns, I'm going to refer to everyone as "dude"...<P>Dude1 checks out the poster of S.S.Goku (btw. if you don't know Goku, you seriously need to get a fucking life and watch Cheeze TV some time!!! =) ...and notices, "Hey, don't you reckon Goku's nose looks like Michael Jacksons?"<P>Dude2 says, "No man, it's MJ's nose that looks like every other fucking anime character ever invented!!"<P>Dude1 says, "We'll that's some fucked up shit, eh?"<P>Dude3 says, "Hey, didn't MJ set his hair on fire doing that Pepsi add in the 80's??"
(Goku's hair sets on fire when he's a super saiyan)<P>Dude2 says, "...and wasn't that about the same time Dragon ball was released???"<P>Dudes collective: "!#@??"<P>...but that's NOT where the head fuk ends!!!<P>Dude1 says, "Hold on, I'm sure there's a monkey in DB... on king Kai's planet... what's his name again??"<P>.
.<P>Dudes collective: "...BUBBLES!!!!"<P>
It's a special day when you feel like you've fucked agent Mulder sideways in the biggest alien conspiracy of all fucking time!!!
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