New Site = Sucky Poo ?

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New Site = Sucky Poo ?

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Ok, well due to technical errors that were beyond my control until I could be released from detox, I think I fixed most of the errors that were on the main page and the archive page. There are a few minor glitches that won't be fixed until the next site regen including:

1. Yes I know that the cast button on the archive pages doesn't work.
2. Yes folks who use Netscape 4.6 will see a gawdawful white box around the graphics until I can get home, fix the graphics and reload them.
3. No, that flash thingy on the archive is not a bug, but i'll remove it if it's too annoying.
4. the various offlinks should still be working. Well, except the ones that Matt adds that don't have the leading "http://"

And although I think I'm the only one who stepped up to answer the call to "improve" the page, I'm interested in what folks think. Feel free to tell me how bad it sucks and how a gopher with parkinsons could do a better job. (I'll probably agree, and remind you that you didn't offer, nyah).

Still if you have a good idea, I'll be happy to <strike>steal</strike> use it.