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Postby Shepherd on Fri Feb 15, 2002 8:53 am

This may be a "sensitive" question, but what with all the keenspottin' and moderncomics shifts and whatnot, I am a little curious as to what a "normal" level of readers for a good-quality Keenspace comic is. By good-quality I mean one that updates regularly and isn't all poop and titty jokes. <P>I know Fans! is in the thousands of readers, as is/was/were Chopping Block and Fat Jesus before they got "promoted." I have no idea about strips like Framed!, Odd Jobs, Todd and Penguin, Plugin Boy, BoxJam's Doodle, etc. -- all high-quality strips that I enjoy immensely but don't know how many daily readers they attract. <P>It's just idle curiosity. <P>Aw, hell, no it isn't. I'm not bitter about not being KeenSpotted -- I honestly don't think I've hit the level I want with my writing yet, although it's coming along slowly -- but it is nagging at me a little. <P>I'm wondering what's "normal," and where other strips seem to plateau. We've been at about the same reader level for about four months now, and I'm wondering if things will surge again sometime, or if this is as good as it gets...<P><P>------------------
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