By the way...

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By the way...

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It seems to me you've lived your life like a candle in the wind.
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Maybe . . .

Post by ZOMBIE USER 17345 »

Or like an ant in my bathroom.

Damn they're getting on my nerves.

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Re: By the way...

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Shepherd wrote:It seems to me you've lived your life like a candle in the wind.
What the fuck does that mean? That doesnt mean anything! GRAHH! MAKE SENSE DAMN YOU!!

Hm... a candle in the wind shall never stay lit... so your saying we need to go get lit and jump off a roof! Makes perfect sense!

* Gets lit and jumps off a roof *

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* eyes bulge slightly *

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You really need to get help with your suicide fantasies.

Or are these delusions of immortality?
Haughty spirit and pride make for a wild roller coaster ride!
I mean, as long as you like fairly final endings.