"World of Fizz" trivia

"World of Fizz" trivia

Postby RobertBlake on Fri Feb 23, 2007 7:20 pm

I may make a page for these on the site, but for now I'll just post them here.

- The second incarnation of the comic was titled "A Day In The Life", after a Beatles song.

- Alex's full name is Alexander Hamilton Fizuth.

- the English equivalent of Carlos Enrique's (Alex's mouse friend) name is Charles Henry. I got the names from my great grandfathers.

- Dawn's last name is Morgenstern, which is German for "morning star". Also, Dawn's original name was Denise. Then I realised there was already a Denise character in Bill Amend's "Foxtrot" comic, and given already existing similarities between "Fizz" and "Foxtrot", I renamed the character.

- Kelli's original name was going to be Billie Jean, after the Michael Jackson song.

- Aimee was originally called Peggy Sue. The name came from the movie, "Peggy Sue Got Married"

- The Fizuth surname is a play on Fitzooth. In some versions of the Robin Hood legend (which, I might add, is my favourite story), Robin's last name is Fitzooth. I've also been asked before on the pronunciation of "Fizuth". The actual pronunciation is "fits-uth", although "fizz-uth" is acceptable.

- The turtle character that occasionally appears in the comic is called Cornelius, is named after my "mentor of sorts", J.W. Cornelius.

That's all I can think of at the moment.
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