Gone for 1-3 weeks

Gone for 1-3 weeks

Postby Patach on Sat Jan 18, 2003 3:10 am

I have many personal issues to deal with, so I'm going to be gone for about 1-3 weeks, I've already drawn the next week's comics in advanced, but that's all. You'll probably miss about 1 or 2 weeks worth of strip. I'm so sorry, but this thing came up very quickly, and I have no choice but to deal with it :(

On the flip side, I just started the Adult Space dropdown, if anybody is interested in joining Adult Space (comics with mature content, such as cussing, sexual content, and violence), go here here to sign up and follow directions.

When I get back, i'll put you up... I'm making a main website for adult space also, but it'll be when I get back.
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Gotta do what you Gotta do.

Postby Flabajaba2213 on Sun Jan 19, 2003 7:36 pm

You need to go out of town, go ahead. Real life is more important. Anyway, I have some good news. I have been accepted into my first choice college, North Carolina State! I have been accepted at the College of Physical and Mathematical Science as a physics/chemistry major.

Other news......

I realize now how simple it was when we were kids. Everything was so easy. We knew right and wrong. What prompted this was a bout of insomnia. I was flipping through the chanels and came upon about 2 hours of G.I. JOE episodes. So, having loved the show as a kid, I watched it. It was so bizzarre. There were the Joes and the Cobras. Thats it. There were the good guys and the bad guys. The Joes were always very rightous and well meaning. There were men and women, and people from all cultures. They always helped everybody while Cobra tried to take over/destroy/fuck up the world. What else is weird, nobody ever dies. They always parachute from the planes, or swin from the boats, or run from the cars.

This had me all messed up. I realized how simple it was when we were kids. I mean, come on, most of the readers here are children of the 80's/early 90's, so you remember this too. There was always a good guy and a bad guy. No Gray. There weren't crooked politicians, money mongering corperations, or hidden motives behind "good allies". It was black and white, good and evil. It is almost sad how nieve we were. Imagine how todays kids must think. It is scary. Thats enough for now.
Bye all.

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