Postby Jamie Bailey on Sat Nov 03, 2001 1:02 am

I think Jimbo has some good points there.<P>The art in the comics on this site definitely beats the looks of the old Waffle X comics Luckett did before the ones on this site.<P>But I also feel that the jokes haven't been as funny as the old Waffle X comics. There are some Waffle X comics here that make me laugh, but none of the comics on this site have made me laugh like the old ones did.<P>So far, the comic on this site that I found funniest was the one where the PS2-bot picked up Luckett instead of the PS2.<P>The halloween one was OK, but it probably wouldn't be very funny at all to anyone who's never seen "Trap Door". DON'T YOU OPEN THAT TRAP DOOOOR! 'coz there's somethin' down there!<P>------------------
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Postby JimboX on Sat Nov 03, 2001 7:08 am

Hey all.<P>Thought it might be a good idea to use the forum constructively.<P>I think we can safely say that there is no problem at all with the quality of the art. It's good. I couldn't do it, EVER.<P>The main problem with the comic so far is that the comedy is a little too tame. The issue that made me laugh the most was the one with the quote "Onwards then, to the place of knowledge and knockers." I laughed out loud, which I don't usually do whilst on my own. Perhaps you should try to include some of that humour?<P>I don't know, I'm not a qualified comic analyst, so don't take what I say to be correct. Just trying to help, OK?<P>Jimbo X
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Postby Ion_Keith_Falconer on Sat Nov 03, 2001 7:28 am

The Parking lot is full, now that's a great comic site, far better than the timid humour presented here
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