Jon Holmes On Virgin

Postby Daddy'sEyes on Tue Oct 16, 2001 7:23 am

Thought I'd alert everyone to the funniest DJ ever. He's on Virgin every Sunday evening from 10pm to 12pm. He is SO rude. He was actually taken off the air after a woman said "Cunt" on his show. He does such wondrous things as "Tramps Win Prizes" where Tramps have to aviod strategically placed bins in order to win a can of beer. And Prostitues Price Is Right where he sends someone out on the streets of London to find the cheapest Prostitute around and try to argue her down. She was eventually brought to the studio where she had her pictuer taken with Jon.
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Postby Mackin on Tue Oct 16, 2001 9:51 am

Doesn't he do the pissing contest aswell?
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