I'm here, I'm not here, I'm back, but I'm not.

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I'm here, I'm not here, I'm back, but I'm not.

Postby Huttgirl on Wed May 29, 2002 12:17 pm


As soon as we get the scanner working, I promise there'll be a new comic up.
And I've been playing with water color and ink, so I'd love to do a water colored strip some day... hmm...

Anyways, what did you guys think of the computer colored strip??
I'd love any feed back.

I've been working a lot on the plot lately, and I'm surprised how well it's working out so far, I've got around 5 or 6 plot lines planned out and scripts done for about 7 more strips.
Although I probably shouldn't say anything as my muse doesn't seem to like it when I say stuff like "Oh, I'm so glad things are working out!"


No one may read my stuff NOW, but I swear some day, SOME DAY I'll have at least four people addicted to my work!!!
So there!!

:) Really, I don't mind. I'm doing this all for myself anyways, so I don't care if people love or hate my stuff either way.
;) Heh, if the job of most hated comic ever wasn't alreadly taken, oh what fun I'd have. (evil grin)

Hmm... maybe there's still a position open for Most Neglected Comic Ever still...

Bah, I doubt it.

See ya later, invisible readers!
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