Hiatus: Why.

Postby Huttgirl on Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:38 am

Well, mainly because of the holidays and the fact that I have NO TIME anymore...
But I'm not bitter.
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So, as if anyone checks out my forum, I'm taking some time "off" and I'll try to have some new strips sometime in January.<P>Soooo....<P>How do you guys like my Mantid sketch?<P>...<P>...<P>....<P>so, like if anyone wants to post and say they actually <i>read</i> my strip... they're more then welcome to do so...<P>
Y'know, stats say I get about 10 readers per day on average....<P>doubt that's right, tho'...<P>I'm going to bed.
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