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Hey rune sup its me the guy that e-mailed yo about your not using all the sogitsu sprites in the sprite pack then you send me more. anyways I think ur comics are the best. Why dont you join top web 100 web comics I think you could do well there. I made 26 comics with ur sprites but every one said they were an excuse to fight with no plot so I stopped and episode 26. I Now make flash toons/movies like one New grounds. I am good but I am not the best. cheack out my site we have anime downloads and RARE megaman battlenetwork/Megaman EXE/Rockman EXE episode downloads. were going to be an all megaman site soon. anywho the reson I am posting is to let you know if you ever wont a flash made I will di it but pay attention TO THIS IMPORTANT NOTE: On my site depenging on what time you read this the only flash that I made is the 1st one the one by the Nightmare continues sireis its episode 1 : Shut eye's to dream with. Dark time's shalashaksa's. My flash my lag cuz its 4 meg my new ones I am making now will be fine.
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