it's 4am. i don't do subject lines at 4am.

it's 4am. i don't do subject lines at 4am.

Postby X1628 on Thu Oct 07, 2004 12:21 am

first, i've been reading TCoW for a few months now and it's easily one of my favorite places to visit on the net nowadays. i've read a lot of Lovecraft's stories and your take on the mythos is great. *grin* there's nothing quite like seeing an elder...whatever step down from his job and hand it over to a devoted cult member.

second, and believe me, i know this is in pretty poor taste...i thought i'd suggest a website for you cats to go check out. i dunno if it'll be something that interests anybody on ye olde TCoW forum, but since it's got a section (a horribly underused section, by the way) devoted to Chaosium's CoC game...*shrug* i figure i can't go wrong. anyways, the site is it's a roleplaying forum for horror-themed games. you cats should go check it out, if you're into ze gamings.

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