Paper edition of TCoW?

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Paper edition of TCoW?

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Have you guys thought about doing a paper release?
I'd pop $10 for a volume of it, for sure.:)

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Mark Sherry
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Re: Paper edition of TCoW?

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Vlion wrote:Have you guys thought about doing a paper release?
I'd pop $10 for a volume of it, for sure.:)

There are currently no plans for a print version of TCoW. Apart from the fact that some of the strips are not the quality that we'd feel comfortable setting to paper and so would have to be redrawn, we lost the PSDs for a number of strips when Elizabeth's harddrive crashed. Fortunately I had copies of strips 1 - 107 on my harddrive at the time, which is about enough for 1.5 24 page comics. The raw comic files tend to be about 1200-1400 pixels wide, giving us a resolution of between 240 and 280 DPI if the comics were printed on a folder 8.5x11 with a 0.5 inch margin. Working from the compressed jpgs, the DPI would be only half that, and the images would be lacking detail that got lost in the shrinking and compression. While 120 DPI isn't as bad as, say, 72 when printed, I'd rather the comics look better. (I have a peeve with the User Friendly books, because the images are always so pixelated.)

So to answer your question, I've thought about it, but there are no plans at the time, but I'll start looking into it.
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Adam Cuerden
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Weel! Niot what I expected to find when i returned to the strip after a couple months when university got the better of me.

I'm sorry to see it go, and I too desprately want a print edition if possible.

Do keep us informed about any future projects!