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Postby Felix on Thu Oct 25, 2001 9:38 am

I'm Felix, And i'm SEXY damnit.<P>Although, being appealing to people who read this comic would be a scary thing.<P>I know what a RPG is, and what a STD is. A RPG is a thing you do with a geek girl before you get her STD. Right? - Wait, so how does Jeffrey get RPG... I want RPG.. <P>OH NO WAIT! A RPG is something from.. uh.. DUKE NUKEM!! Yeah... Rocket... Propelled... Grenade... yeah...<P>Or maybe a Robust Pig Grinder. Why would Jeffrey use somthing of that sort? (the swine...)<P>Or maybe a Random Prime Generator.... Or maybe it's a Roll Pluayink Guam. That's it<P>Bye
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Postby Ragnarok on Fri Oct 26, 2001 12:01 am

Heh...If you don't know what an RPG is, just go <A HREF="http://acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?String=exact&Acronym=RPG">here</A> to find out.<P>Uh...Just be sure to look for the <B>right</B> one, OK? Quite a few "RPG"s out here, as you can see <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gif">
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Postby JeffreyAtW on Fri Oct 26, 2001 8:53 am

That's right, ladies! It's Felix, the hot mama drama rama!<P>He's British, too! OOW! Can't touch this!<P>------------------
JeffreyAtW - AtW does NOT mean Astatine Tungstide, fools! That's not chemically possible! You gotta do what? You gotta believe! ARR.<P><A HREF="http://midgard.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>Midgard - That Other RPG Comic</A>
<A HREF="http://jeffreyatw.tripod.com" TARGET=_blank>Mario Is Stoned!</A>
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Postby BobCFed08 on Wed Nov 14, 2001 6:35 am

I like this guy =)<P>And you were close on that first one, Mr. British Sir Guy. But RPG playing geek girls don't carry STDs. That would involve them getting laid which NEVER EVER HAPPENS.<P>Well, except until you lock them in a room with the likes of Jeff. But I think he's got a crush on me so it doesn't really matter.
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Postby Asaki_Lee on Thu Nov 15, 2001 12:40 pm

Smile, nod, and back away. o.o;
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