Midgard hasth returned!

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First post!

Jeff-kun has kindly requested that I be his new artist for Midgard and he handed me my first script today! I'm working on it, then I get to scan an color it, then Jeff will post it and voila! Midgard will return.

(and even though I requested a cameo again and again in midgard and Jeff refused I still agreed to draw it for him. He claims that he does not want a useless character that adds nothing to the plot but lo! I will draw a fanart that shows my RPG prowess *cackles* then he shall have NO CHOICE!! BRU HAWAHAWAHAWAHAWA!!!!!) oops, I just realised that if I post this, Jeff can read it. *shrugs* oh well

"JEFF-KUN!!!!! Ikaga desu ka? Ne, ne, Matte! Daijobou ka? o, Ja ne!"
(thats my butchered japanese -T)

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