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Postby BoxJam on Wed Dec 13, 2000 12:44 pm

A week or so ago, Case, I went through
your archives from day one.<P>Besides the fun of seeing how Petey and Horse
have changed visually in just half a year, &
cursing your jpeg-producing slow-to-load
ass, I was shocked by how cohesive the
whole set of strips is. It's a great
forward-reading narrative. I wasn't even
aware it was a large, held-together story
until I read the archives through in one
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Postby Case Yorke on Thu Dec 14, 2000 8:07 am

Shucks, Jammer... you're making me feel all girly-like.<P>I'm the first to be surprised at just how much the original plan for AWR has changed, as much as the actual effort I put into the strip's design. It's nice to see that others have noticed it too.<P>And, as always, a compliment coming from you, Jammer, means the world to me. Merci.<P>Case<P>------------------
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