No more AWR?

Postby TechGrrl on Wed Mar 06, 2002 8:17 am

So what's the deal? This case guy had issues and no more comic? Just curious cuz I saw a reference to him disappearing on
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Postby Ubigod on Tue Sep 03, 2002 7:15 pm

He does a new comic at altbrand

It's called Gluemeat

People seems to like it
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Which is great....

Postby ZOMBIE USER 54 on Mon Dec 23, 2002 4:08 am

It's awesome that Case is back in the game, more than I can say for myself. I haven't read Gluemeat yet, but I really will miss Petey and Horse. One of the best comics I ever read. I don't know if Case reads this forum anymore, but good luck man! :D
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