a statement

a statement

Postby MNsane on Tue Jul 20, 2004 7:35 am

just want to say that this webcomic is fast becoming the webcomic version of FAUXNEWS, Mr. Richter, if this trend continues you WILL lose me as a reader of this webcomic :x

Mr. Richter, you have lost me as a reader of this REPUBLICAN PROPAGANDA masquerading as a webcomic

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Postby Carbon Eater on Tue Aug 24, 2004 11:11 am

I've always wondered how so many "liberals" can call themselves such while only listening to their own side. Anything else is, apparantly, propaganda from some terrorist state, and does not even deserve to be heard and refuted. I must be the most conservative student at my college, and I read "I Drew This," "Doonesbury," "Kevin and Kell," "Newshounds," "Jackie's Fridge," and, of course, "Clan of the Cats" regularly. All of these flaunt their liberal views. Three of them are billed as primarily political satire. In addition, I go to Al Franken's site every few days. But not only will you not read a comic strip with some right-wing jokes, not only do you tell the author to change this, but when he does not, you say that it's not even really a webcomic!

You, like far, far too many others I've met (though not all), give left-wing politics a bad name.

Of course, I doubt you're reading this. But if you are, please realize, you're coming off as a liberal Ann Coulter.
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