Where is Raven ticklish?

Where is Raven ticklish?

Postby The Lurker Below on Wed Aug 14, 2002 12:30 am

I vaguely remember there being a poll as to where Raven should be made ticklish. What was the result, and have we had this confirmed as canon yet?


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The Lurker Below
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Postby Hi-bry on Wed Aug 14, 2002 11:52 am

Although the poll is technically still open, the response seems to favor "everywhere." I am determining to which degree "everywhere" will entail, that is, which spots and how much... :wink:

Of course, Sophie has already discovered one spot. :D http://lcd.keenspace.com/d/20020814.html

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Postby Bo Lindbergh on Wed Aug 14, 2002 4:44 pm

How about "anywhere a cat happens to be touching her at the moment"? :D
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Postby TheGreatWolf on Sat Aug 17, 2002 1:55 pm

this is the best idea yet! have raven tickish anywhere, but only to cats... or were-cats... thus enabling chelsea to get her revenge and allowing sophie to act as an alarm clock without leaving raven defenceless to the world
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Ticklish to Cats Only?

Postby TheRealJules on Mon Aug 26, 2002 9:56 pm

Well, that would deny Jules the fun of getting tickle revenge on Raven, but I still think it's a great idea. :)

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Postby Scooby112211 on Fri Oct 18, 2002 7:19 pm

Just my 2 cents...but I don't think you can exclude her feet, because I definately think another group trip to the nail salon would make for an interesting storyline...

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