Two questions for you... the readers.

Two questions for you... the readers.

Postby Yamcha Hibiki on Mon Jan 20, 2003 11:28 pm

1) I just recently relooked through the entire archive of Fusion, and DAMN, the comic has changed quite a bit. But has it changed for the better?

2) Have I ever explained all the gags and references in all the character's names?
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Postby Kirk on Tue Jan 21, 2003 6:56 pm

1: I would have to read the archives too. But I must admit I liked the shaded version better :)

2: I don't think so. Not to me at least.
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Postby Thefletch on Wed Jan 22, 2003 5:37 pm

1) I myself did the same thing recently. I like the new look.

2) In-jokes? I've only got one, maybe two of them figured out.
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