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PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2002 7:55 am
Try linking this forum through here

This one actually doesn't go down..

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2002 3:59 pm
by Yamcha Hibiki
Doh! Knew I forgot something. I'll have that fixed tonight.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2002 6:03 pm
by Pokepony
speaking of forgetting something, lol Yamcha I sent u that fanart weeks/days ago, the fusion chained one? ^-^ Is it ever gonna appear?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2002 7:19 pm
by Yamcha Hibiki
DOH! I wrote the HTML and made the images for it, I just forgot to upload the HTML. >_< I'll get it up Wednesday. ^^;