Heinz Unterhosenabzieher

Postby Arjan Beeftink on Mon Dec 24, 2001 6:31 am

Dear sir,<P>Through this message I'd like to express my deepest concerns regarding the electronic-mail you recently received from mr. Unterhosenabzieher. Mr. Unterhosenabzieher has been known for years as somebody who abuses wishing-cards to impose on innocent people unsound questions about bodily functions. I urge you not to answer these messages, because I fear mr. Unterhosenabzieher will thereby only be encouraged to ask more and possibly more unsound questions.<P>Your's sincerely,<P>dr. Hankypanky, psychiatrist MD
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Postby Capn on Tue Dec 25, 2001 8:48 am

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