Heathen! (OT)

Heathen! (OT)

Postby JimRob on Thu Jun 13, 2002 10:46 am

This does have something to do with Albion Fuzz, so hang on.

I bought David Bowie's new album Heathen on Tuesday, and I've been rather surprised at how good it is; given that my last experience of him was on the tacky drum-and-bass toyshop that was Earthling. Not many of the songs are memorable ('Afraid' excepted), but none are obviously terrible, and they fit together as a whole surprisingly well. Perhaps that's just the production. Still.

Anyway, the copy I snagged was the limited edition version, with a second CD containing a lacklustre Moby remix, a splendidly cheeky Air remix, an out-take version of 'Panic in Detroit' seemingly recorded in a garage with a microphone inside a sock, and 'Conversation Piece', a B-side from 1970 rerecorded in 2002 (presumably with the intention of using it in the album proper or as a B-side again). And, having listened to the latter again, I've discovered it to be an extraordinarily poignant and beautiful song. It moved me to such an extent that, quite suddenly, I started drawing a series of AF strips (it made sense at the time) based on the lyrics, portraying Alex's life a few months before meeting Sybil.

Now, a few hours later, it's occurred to me that
a) publishing these as normal strips would be a bit cheap, since I'm really only decorating his words; any emotional value would be stolen from his song,
b) publishing these as normal strips would be, for the same reason, a bit illegal - 'all rights reserved' - and
c) publishing these as normal strips couldn't carry the same 'charge' as the song anyway, as that derives in part from Bowie's singing voice, instrumentation etc.

So chances are that, if these surface at all, it'll be later, and in the Art section. In the meantime, if you can, find a limited-edition copy of the album and listen to the song. It's wonderful.
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Postby Big Bad Al on Thu Jun 13, 2002 4:02 pm

Na, not my thing. You know what kind of crap I listen to!

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