hi.. i'm new here..

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hi~ if i remembered it correctly.. i went to the Kapolo oekaki board.. and got here..
i must say.. i've never seen a comic like this.. i'm still reading... it's taking me a bit of a time to load the comic.. but it doesn't matter.. cuz' i got all nite...
it's 2 in the morning.. i've got a accounting test tomorrow.. which i only understand a bit of the stuff..
my brain is not functioning very well tonite.. so i don't understand some of the stuff the comic is talking about..
but i guess i'm not that bright for this kind of abstract things..
but i still like it..
that's all i have to say..

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Welcome to the board. It's very lonely. Nice to see a new face. That makes the count 4 now, I think.<P>------------------
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Bah.. I might as well stop lurking as well. This is a fine project indeed... if anyone here's ever heard of a band called Katatonia, that's what the soundtrack should be. Hope to see some more people soon.