Ugh, late again...

Postby Vlad Damien on Sun Apr 14, 2002 6:12 pm

Ok, pardon me for the lateness... this time, I WILL apologize. It's been 2 weeks straight of bad scheduling and shitty events plus school and work.

I hate people who suicide in the subway. I hate glasses with frail frames. I hate casting people in movies who can,t call the casting agency to tell me to stay home instead of waking up at 2am, wait til 6am, only to get told to go back home and NOT get paid for it. I hate exam week. I hate work.

hmmm anything else I hate?
oh yes... I hate not getting my comic done on time... now, I,ll ink a bit and get it done... fuck. [edit: I hate getting parking tickets. I hate water puddles. i hate not having time to relax].


< /rant>

-Vlad D.

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Postby Shaper on Sun Apr 14, 2002 8:50 pm

Hey, its all good. Late is late, so what? *shrug*

Just dont let my good nature go to your head :wink:

But in all seriousness, that sounds pretty shitty, especially the waiting till 2am to 6am, and not getting paid. Thats a serious fucking bitch.
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