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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 9:08 am
by Dan
Nobody posts in Kris' forum so I'll start a thread.

Who is your favorite NC character and why?

I like Patricia because she thinks of porn and men the same way many men think of porn and women. This is an unusal characteristic and I find that it makes a highly interesting character that Kris should develope further.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 9:58 am
by DevioX
Yeah, of all the characters here, Patricia is the one I most sorely underuse. It's mainly because most of my comic ideas/storylines involve Eric and Kevin. Once the current storyline is done I'll see what I can do about that, though.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 10:24 am
by Bob_dole_killa
Bob Dole's favorite character is Bob Dole. Bob Dole would like to see more Bob Dole. If Bob Dole doesn't see more freakin' Bob Dole soon he's going to report you to the Bob Dole lovers of America for lack of Bob Dole exposure.

Just don't make Bob Dole hurt you...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2002 10:27 am
by Bob_dole_killa
Bob Dole has been waiting for nearly two minutes and he hasn't seen any Bob Dole material. Bob Dole is getting angry, so very angry. Bob Dole will be hurting you if you don't get some Bob Dole comics up by the time Bob Dole's Viagra wears off.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2002 10:33 am
by DevioX
You do realize, Dan, that I can see your IP address...

For your punishment I <I>will</I> make a comic with Bob Dole, ha!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2002 1:16 pm
by Bob_dole_killa
Bob Dole doesn't know what you are talking about, but Bob Dole is pleased to be in your comic.

Bob Dole loves each and every one of you and Bob Dole isn't afraid to have sex with any man in this room...

Bob Dole is in da House Baaay-Beee!

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