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1. No Need For Tenchi! - In "Tenchi Universe", what is the name of the blue haired female Bounty Hunter who pursues the Space Pirate Ryoko endlessly? In "Tenchi In Tokyo" what is the name of the young blonde haired girl who, after befriending Sasami is discovered to be the main villian of the series? And lastly, from the Tenchi OVA's, what is the name of Sasami's superhero alter-ego who was later given her own cartoon (coincidentally a VERY SILLY parody of Sailor Moon.) They are Naga (I think) and Yuugi, and Pretty Sammy. XD.<P>2. No Need For Sailor Moon! - A) What are all the names of Queen Beryl's henchmen? And B) for bonus points (and this should be EASY) what are the first names of all the Sailor Scouts, respectively: Moon, Mini-Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto? English or Japanese Names are acceptable. <IMG SRC="">
Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite/Malachite. And: Serena, Chibi-Usa, Rei, Minako, Amy... ???, ???, ???, Haruka. <IMG SRC=""><P>3. No Need For Slayers! - This one may be a bit harder, but I KNOW for a fact that there are Slayers fans that visit here! ^___^ So here's a fairly simple question from the "villian" department. What is the name of The Red Priest in Classic? What is the name of the small child in Next (who is coincidentally a MAJOR VILLIAN)? And what is the name of the Ancient Dragon in Try?
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