Favorite Sesame Street Characters!

Postby WB on Sat Oct 06, 2001 4:50 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Come on. You MUST have some favorite Sesame Street characters... Elmo is OK,<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Elmo is EVIL Elmo must DIE !!!!!!<P>Seriously though - I think Elmo ruined Sesame Street....30 minutes of Elmo is just bleah. :P<P>That and I miss Super Grover ^____^<P><B>but I think Ernie and Bert are just the best. THEY FREAKING RULE! </B><P>Is Bert even ON Sesame Street anymore?<P>I know they had taken him off for a while. Bert and Ernie rocked ^___^<P><B>The Count is also pretty awesome... he always goes around counting things.</B><P>ONE Pie! Two PiE! Three PiE! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!<P>You know who I REALLY REALLY like? <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/biggrin.gif"> Guy Smiley! Anyone remember him? ^___^<P><B>Kermit acts like a news reporter, so he's pretty cool.</B><P>I cant get that news music they play out of my head ^___^
<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>But y'know who reigns supreme in the Sesame Street universe...? THE SNUFFULOFUGUS! ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS REIGN OF THE SNUFFULOFUGUS!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Errr... sorry... ^_^;;<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>**looks at Kedzie and ROARS with laughter** <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/biggrin.gif"><P>------------------

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Postby True Red on Sat Oct 06, 2001 6:00 am

You have issues.<P>I know I watched Sesame Street as a kid, but I don't really remember who I liked most. I know we (my sis & I) have a Bert & an Ernie doll so we had to have liked them. There's several different Sesame Street stuff scattered at home. ^_^<P>Elmo had a cult-like following when those "Tickle-Me Elmos" came out. EVERYONE had one in my high school. That drove me nuts.<p>[This message has been edited by True Red (edited 10-06-2001).]
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Postby Duel on Sat Oct 06, 2001 7:03 am

GUY SMILEY ROCKS!!!!! *high-fives WB*<P>Snuffolufagus (how ever you spell it), WB, ROTFLMAO! I remember THAT version of Kedzie's sig ^^.<P>And who can question the awesome power of Bert and Ernie? RUBBERDUCKYANDUNIBROWUNITE!!!! ^__________________^<P>ONE PiE! TWO PiE! THREE PiE! FOUR PiE! FIVE PiE! SIX PiE! SEVEN PiE! EIGHT PiE! NINE PiE! TEN PiE!!!!!<P>...hole through stomach PiE? ><
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Postby Tails-sama the GG on Sun Oct 07, 2001 5:17 am

GAH! TAKE ELMO AWAY!! TAKE HIM AWAY!! OF WITH HIS HEAD!!!<P>LOL! Snuffy!!! I remember that GMIS...YIPYIPYIPYIPWONKWONKWONKWONK!!!!<P>Why did they loose Bert for a while?? That's BLASPHEMY!! BERT OWNZ!! BURT IS THE FATHER OF GHETTO BERT!!! *points to this picture --> <IMG SRC="http://jgo.evild.com/images/download_images/soda.jpeg"> * GHETTO BERT OWNZ JOO!!!<P>Wow. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/biggrin.gif"> I want to say I'm crazy, but I'm afraid I'll be moving in on Dub's turf, here. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gif"><P>Bert, Ernie and the Count rule all. Ghetto Bert, Ghetto Ernie and Ghetto Count rule all. SPORKTACULAR.<P>Oh, here's pics of Ghetto Ernie and Ghetto Count.<P>Ghetto Ernie:
<IMG SRC="http://jgo.evild.com/images/download_images/yoyo.jpeg"> <P>Ghetto Count:
<IMG SRC="http://jgo.evild.com/images/download_images/cube.jpeg"> <P>------------------
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Postby Greliz on Sun Oct 07, 2001 8:14 am

I see Ghetto Count's been taking estrogen. =P<P>------------------
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